My Future

I have a lot of goals in my future. One of those goals is to go to art school in New York. I want to get a scholarship to Pratt University for the Arts. Then I want to continue my career as an artist throughout my life. I also want to travel to the world […]

Spring Break

What I did over spring break is I stayed at home. But on Saturday I went to the Indy children’s museum. I went there with my dad, step-mom, and my baby sister Braelyn. Braelyn had loads of fun. I was kind of just there to babysit. But I still had a lot of fun.¬†

Burmese Pythons

Burmese Pythons are threatening Flordia Everglades. Pet owners who don’t want there animal anymore release them back into the wild. With no natural pretetors in that area, the snape species are aloud to thrive. This is a major problem. The Burmese Pythons can get up to 23ft long. They are a very powerful animal. They […]

Mom free verse poem

She walked in and slammed the door Another long day at work I can’t stop staring at the bags under her eyes I kiss her and ask how her day was While she talks I’m thinking This woman is like a superhero flys away at day and comes back by night she is my hero […]

Matthew Kever elegy poem

Boom, Bang, Bam Drum solos were his favorite I can hear the beat of the drum ringing through my ear But at the funeral it was dead silent No drums, in honor of him It just didn’t sound right But the guitarist went on I can still remember his signature grin The way he blared […]